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Medpark Clinic is a Surgical Hospital of excellence located in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Founded in 2016, Medpark provides world-class medical care with innovative technology in collaboration with local medical staff from other countries such as South Africa and Europe.  The Clinic provides very high level care at an affordable cost for the local population.  South Africa, India and Western Europe have become a medical tourism attraction for many Congolese.  Patients are transferred for minor and more severe illnesses.  Public and private companies, the government spend huge currencies on transportation, accommodation as well as medical costs abroad.

Sometimes after lengthy administrative procedures to obtain the visa, patients are transferred with a delay resulting in disease progression and complications that adversely affect the results.

The DRC is the future of investing in Africa.  One factor of concern to investors is the lack of reliable medical institutions to cope with emergencies, rapid diagnosis and adequate treatment even before a possible transfer for specialist medical treatment abroad.

Medpark Clinic as a premier medical facility has dramatically reduced the massive transfer of patients to South Africa, India and other European countries.



    Our vision is to promote the health and well-being of the people of the DRC and the countries of the region by providing affordable, accessible, high quality and international standard health care.  State-of-the-art specialist medical care for people of all ages.  This establishment will train postgraduate and sub-specialist medical specialists to improve general health care in the region.


  To honor God in all our activities

  Respect for the patient





  The goal of the Medpark Clinic is to transform the way patients receive health care largely by providing specialized treatment through rapid and comprehensive assessment.

  To achieve these goals, we are committed to:

  1.To provide high quality, state-of-the-art healthcare to residents of the DRC and neighboring provinces / countries.

  2.Establish innovative and advanced diagnostic equipment.  the therapeutic technology of minimally non-invasive and invasive surgery.

  3.Create a hospital that will meet the needs of communities.  Train doctors, nurses and paramedics in advanced specialty medicine

  4.Transfer the skills and experience of doctors trained locally and abroad in a team spirit, cooperative and multidisciplinary integration.

  5.Create a beautiful and natural environment site for healing patients.